Forum of American Crafters; Trade, Swap and Sales

Forum of American Crafters: Trade, Swap & Sales

Welcome to the Forum of American Crafters; Trade, Swap & Sales Website! 
A member based resource sharing and pooling website. 
Our economy is in a downward trend leaving many families in difficult situations. I have created this site as means of venue for crafters to unite and  and stand stronger together in these trying times. It is a great opportunity to pool resources to help strengthen all our livelihoods in these tough times.

If you are and American Crafter and would like to participate and contribute to this site Join Below:

There is a $5.00 per year membership fee for all members. This is to cover administration costs of maintaining this website and providing extra benefits to its members.



For the fastest approval use PayPal link to pay fees imediately and membership will be activated usually with in 24 hours.




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Donations will be used for Gift Sponsorship of American Crafters who have shown interest in joining FACTSS and for the administration and promotions of this site. 100% of all donations go directly into this site for benefit of it's members.







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